This is a game for the first GMTK Jam.

The theme is dual purpose mechanics, so I have made a game where the hearts represents more than just health.

Sadly, I haven't been able to work on this for the entire weekend, so it's likely that it won't be finished, but the first 4 levels are ready, so there you go :)

VERY IMPORTANT NOTES: Play in full screen mod. 

I am aware of the major issues with level 2. Whilst it is possible to complete, there is a bug which stops you from completing the level if you pick up one the three last keys in  the wrong order. There is a level select feature in place, if you  have any issues., you can skip to level 3 and 4 (they are much easier and use other mechanics) :)

(Use ASDW for movement and ARROW KEYS for shooting (when possible) )

Hold still to heal you'll need certain values of health for some doors

Red numbered doors are dependent on health 

Yellow numbered door require keys

Published Jul 16, 2017
Made withUnity
TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam